Sep 2020

NAIX Technology automates anonymization of data

Dates of birth, names, financial figures or pictures: In a few seconds NAIX Technology blacks out personal information. All automated, of course. Behind this is a well-founded NLP/AI solution by Ramin Karbalaie and his team, which not only facilitates the daily work of large law firms.

Aug 2020

Wingcopter: Startup of the Month with "Technology with a Purpose“

The startup uses its state of the art drones for the benefit of mankind. With the "Technology with a Purpose" the life of people all over the world shall be improved or even saved.

Jul 2020

DATAbility convinces with customized software solutions

With customized software solutions and AI, our current Startup of the Month DATAbility optimizes the operation, maintenance and repair of machines and systems. The special thing about it? The Darmstadt start-up combines engineering and system knowledge with data science and big data algorithms.

Jun 2020

Kick-off of the Frankfurt Idea Factory

With the Frankfurter Ideenfabrik (Frankfurt Idea Factory), the cross-sector think tank with a B2B focus in FrankfurtRhineMain, Frankfurt Forward is launching a new format for the further development of the regional ecosystem.



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